Upcoming shows

I'm playing a few shows in the UK in May and one in Florida with Froggy Fresh.  If you don't know Froggy Fresh, please check him out, because he is one of the most amazing rappers currently working.  I'm also playing a festival with Atom & His Package in October, one of my all-time heroes.  I'm also doing some more shows with Mega Ran and some friends I can't announce yet later this year.  Click here for tickets for all events and updates .

May 26    Hat Works                  Stockport, United Kingdom
May 27    Slam Dunk Festival    Birmingham, United Kingdom
May 28    Slam Dunk Festival    Leeds, United Kingdom
May 29    Slam Dunk Festival    Hatfield, United Kingdom

Jun 12      The Wilbury              Tallahassee, FL
Oct 27     The Fest                    Gainesville, FL

New EP coming July 28th

Yesterday on Twitter, a fan asked when I was putting out new music.  

If you've been supporting me through Patreon, you will have heard the 28 songs I dropped this past year.  That's like two albums, or four EPs!  I've been working hard and it's been really fun.

I recently went back, tweaked, re-recorded and remastered some of my favorite songs that have been out on Patreon for awhile.  If you are a Patreon Lartian, you'll get the EP with the newly remastered songs in a week or so, everyone else will get to hear them July 28th.  Here is the cover art, photo by Nicole Mago.